Supported Employment Services

Supported Employment (also known as SAGE South) assists persons living with disabilities work in paid positions with the ongoing assistance of a job coach and agency.

image1 (4)Trailblazers Life Choices provides:
– Referrals of motivated job seekers
– Effective and ongoing support
– Assistance with the transition from work trial to paid employment
– Ongoing assessments and feedback
– Information, fact sheets and disability awareness training
– Free services and training for employers and job seekers

In addition to these services, we operate the SWEPT yard care service for supported individuals interested in participating in a small social enterprise.

Working in a garden centreFor more information contact Trailblazers Supported Employment Services or SWEPT.

Supported Employment is based out of 1069 Autumnwood Drive in a strip mall near the back of the parking lot. Across the parking lot, 1031 Autumnwood Drive continues to host some of our employment programs.