About us

Trailblazers is a non-profit agency dedicated to working with adults living with disabilities. We’re active in two day programs with activities spread throughout Winnipeg including volunteer work, paid employment, skills development and recreation.

SAGE (Supported Advocacy Guidance and Employment) at 8-1031 Autumnwood Drive guides adults living with disabilities as they connect with citywide opportunities for volunteer work, recreation, crafts and personal development. Across the parking lot, our Supported Employment program at 1069 Autumnwood Drive helps individuals develop workplace skills and provides job coaches for paid employment.

The TLC and Seniors programs at 1325 Markham Road are recreation-based programs with activities throughout Winnipeg. We also have in-house programming that includes music therapy, accessible yoga, social skills classes and more.

In addition to day programs, Trailblazers provides supported living for adults living with disabilities.

For employment opportunities please visit the Canada Job Bank.