Duties and responsibilities

– Provide support in all areas of client(s) day program activities.
– Analyze activities and job tasks in the community, recreational and supported work environments to plan appropriate training, supervision and supports for clients.
– Provide on-site training which enables the client(s) to learn skills and expectations while integrating naturally into work and community environments.
– Provide advocacy and other support services.
– Send regular updates to team leads and coordinators regarding the progress and or needs of the client(s).
– Send incident reports (as they occur) to the program coordinator.
– Serve as a role model for clients.
– Provide flexibility and adaptability to perform other functions as may be required.

Main responsibilities
– Apply individualized program plans for clients using community resources, activities and work environments
– Identify and develop work placements and recreational activities to ensure maximum integration and skill development
– Conduct job/task analysis to determine basic elements of the job/task to be learned and performed by client(s).
— Break the job/tasks down into teachable parts.
— Introduce job/tasks systematically to clients.
– Identify learning barriers and determine the most suitable training method for the client(s).
– Implement and revise training plans and methods as needed.